Jag Hide

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Our foremost versatile and modular concealment product, the Jag Hide gives full coverage for all missions set, from raids to recon missions, from personnel use to OP’s.

Made from our unique TVC substance to have 3D multispectral concealment.

One Hide to conceal them all!

  • 3 Dimensional reshapable
  • Multispectral concealment
  • 2 sided coloration. Available patterns: Woodland, Desert, Light stone, Dark stone (other patterns available per request)
  • Various environments including rural and urban
  • Full weather protection
  • Multiple usage:
    • Backpack cover
    • Poncho
    • Personal Hide
    • Team OP: combine few Jag Hides and our Infrastructure Kit for a quick set up!
  • Concealment and Shelter: use as a sandbag
  • Medical usage: splinter, stretcher, thermal blanket etc!
  • Made in Israel and USA (Berry Compliant)


Measurements: 1.8mX1m / 5.9 foot X 3.2 foot

Wt: 850gr / 1.87 pounds

L - 100X125 cm

LL- 180X125 cm

XL - 200X125 cm

XXL - 250X125 cm

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