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Sniper. The Ultimate Hunter.

We bring you a state of the art Concealment kit to ensure closer proximity to target while not being detected in the visual, IR and FIR range.

The Kit include a backpack cover and a personal cover both made from our unique TVC substance.

3D Camouflage - enables imitation of the surrounding (Rural & Urban)

Multi-Spectral - covers wide range of detection sensors (Visual to LIR)  

Coping with austere environment (Sun, Rain, wind)

Low Volume - Easy Packing and Carrying  

Short Detection Range -  less than 49 Ft. (15m.)

Two Sided - enable different coloration on each side


  • Total Weight:-2.5kg
  • Parts:  
    • TVC100XXL, Dimensions: Weight– 1.3kg, Length-2.5m, Width-1.25m
    • TVC100L, Dimensions: Weight– 0.7kg, Length-1.25m, Width-1m  
  • Pack Sac
  • Made in israel
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