The Oso Gear brand was established with the aim of continuously improving the fighter’s wearable systems to increase his survival on the battlefield. This, while emphasizing comfort, operationality, and connectivity to the fighter’s other equipment as a whole.

We combine various technologies, from innovative fabric technology to the implementation of a system for transporting energy and communications on the fighter’s body.

Our customers include special units in Israel and around the world, the defense industry and private customers who want to use the highest quality products.

Our team includes professionals who combine many years of military experience in operational positions within the special units, product design experts and engineers, who know how to provide a solution beginning with the concept or operational requirement stage all the way tto the production line.

Our innovation

Over the years, we have come up with many innovative solutions that make it easy to use with an emphasis on comfort, quality, rigidity, and practicality. By implementing specially designed solutions and with a lot of thought, we provide our customers with innovative solutions that allow them to fight more efficiently and conveniently.

Our developers and designers bring their experience from military service and stay connected to the area to continue to be updated on the combat equipment and needs of the soldiers and fighters. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we find the right and unique materials and designs for our customers to address all the big and small details.