CPR Paramedic Bag

$302 USD

  • Has 7 modular pockets. 4 size L, 3 size XL
  • Pocket for oxygen tank
  • The  pockets  are removable  which gives an option to move with only one  pocket when needed

Sling load in the front to allow Carry additional equipment . with additional zipper pocket

  • Allows to connect reflectors using a  Velcro
  • High quality  frame system
  • PALM/MOLLE webbing allow to attach additional pouches
  • Made in israel


  • Mil Spec Nylon Fabric 500D
  • Mil Spec Nylon straps
  • Mil Spec  YKK zipper
  • Made in Israel
  • Wt 2.760 kg

Starting Dim: 52H*35W cm

Vol: 35L


  • Transparent pockets  for fast equipment identification
  • Open with zipper
  • Handle for carry
  • Velcro  


  • Mil Spec Nylon Fabric 500D
  • Mil Spec Nylon straps
  • Mil Spec  YKK zipper
  • Made in Israel

Tactical Transparent Paramedic Bag-L

  • Wt 116 gr

Starting Dim: 12H*24W cm

Vol: 3.3L

Tactical Transparent Paramedic Bag-XL

  • Wt 138 gr

Starting Dim: 17H*29W cm


FeaturesDetalles técnicos

Our Commander Tactical Thigh Rig is adjustable with 2 buckles on the thigh and 2 buckles on the belt, for a strong and stable hold

> Can be completely opened with zipper
> Contains designated places for maps and documents

> Height: 25 cm (9.8 inches), Width: 18 cm (7 inches)
> Recommended for users between 55 - 180 kg (120 - 396 lbs)
> For different sizes, we can create custom thigh rigs. Please contact us at info@polarisolutions for more info.

Weight: 380g (0.77 lbs)

> Main textile: Cordura D500
> Nexus buckles

Made in: Israel
Muslera/Piernera Táctica Para Comandante, para llevar equipo en la pierna, Polaris, Rajuga, Oso Gear
Muslera/Piernera Táctica Para Comandante Polaris Solutions
Nuestra Muslera/Piernera Táctica para Comandante se regula con 2 hebillas en el muslo y 2 hebillas en el cinturón, para una sujeción fuerte y estable
> Puede abrirse completamente con cremallera
> Contiene lugares designados para mapas y documentos
> Altura: 25 cm (9.8 pulgadas), Ancho: 18 cm (7 pulgadas)
> Recomendada para usuarios que pesen entre 55 - 180 kg (120 - 396 lbs)
> Para diferentes tamaños, podemos crear musleras/pierneras personalizadas. Por favor, pónganse en contacto con nosotros en info@polarisolutions para más información
Peso: 380g (0.77 lbs)
> Textil principal: Cordura D500
> Hebillas Nexus
Fabricado en: Israel