RAJUGA is the spirit of our company; it is derived from the ways of the ultimate survivor and predator– the JAGUAR.

First, get as close as you can to your enemy without being detected, then, act.
Just like the JAGUAR.

To support your mission we developed our unique concealment material: 
TVC – Thermal Visual Concealment

TVC enables the following

Overcoming Sensors
The modern battlefield is saturated with observation sensors. To ensure the survival of our troops, these sensors must be obstructed. Our TVC overcomes a wide array of sensor types.

3D Camo
Our TVC’s form is foldable and moldable, enabling the end user to adapt it for a specific AOR, manipulate the TVC to imitate any 3D object in the environment and then fold it back into a 2D form, repeatedly.

The TVC conceals objects in the
Visual, IR and FIR spectrum.

Sided Coloration-2
All of our TVC products can be printed on each side to resemble the coloration of a specific or general AOR.

With our digitized coloration technique we can generate any color pattern and develop a tailor made camouflage pattern.


TVC PANELS – Our TVC Panels are used as a basic concealment panel to hide gear, backpacks, sensors and as a personal/team camouflage component, with our variety of COTS panels as well as custom-made panels. In addition, TVC panels also have medical uses as detailed below .

TVC SENSOR COVERS – To get the full effectiveness of sensors in the battlefield, they must be hidden from the enemy. We offer a wide range of tailor-made sensor covers to meet specific requirements.

BACKPACK COVER – Enhancing the survivability of the operator by enabling closer proximity to target without being detected in the Visual, IR and FIR range.

MEDICAL USES – Our TVC XL panel can be transformed into an evacuation stretcher for personnel and equipment with a carrying capability of up to 250kg, broken bone fixation, a thermal blanket etc.

ATVC – (All Terrain Vehicle Concealment) MODULE – A concealment element designed to conceal large objects such as vehicles, large battlefield components, battle Humvees etc.

M-PaCS – (Modular Platform Concealment System) – The most advanced static concealment element cover for platforms, can be customized to suit any platform from ATV’s to Humvees and other vehicles.

ARMADILLO – A customizable concealment kit for any vehicle or platform. Constructed from our unique TVC substance, the ARMADILLO enables us to conceal objects in the Visual, IR and FIR spectrum. 

TVC gets us CLOSE PROXIMITY TO TARGET Without being detected – Our TVC products provide you with the advantage of  surprise, while degrading the ability of enemy ambushers to detect you from afar


With over 20 years of combined Military and Law Enforcement experience, we have seen our share of Camouflage and Concealment equipment.

As part of our ongoing work with SF elements, we found ourselves making a wide range of camouflage and concealment products lines ( TVC/ non TVC ), for varied usages such as: weaponguns, vehicles, single or grouped personneal, troop, OP’S etc