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RAJUGA is the spirit of our company; it is derived from the ways of the ultimate survivor and predator– the JAGUAR . First, get as close as you can to your enemy without being detected then, act. Like JAGUAR. To support your mission we developed our unique concealment material: TVC – Thermal Visual Concealment


The Oso Gear brand was established with the aim of continuously improving the fighter’s wearable systems to increase his survival on the battlefield. This, while emphasizing comfort, operationality, and connectivity to the fighter’s other equipment as a whole.


We develop and manufacture high-end innovative thermal emitters.
The company’s products are based on state of the art patented technologies, and combine high performance with extremely compact design.


Signature Management Supremacy


The new camouflage for IDF battalions (HEB)

New IsraelI Camouflage Sheet

Rampart Range Day 2017 – Polaris Solutions Ltd​

Under Camouflage with a Rifle : A Glimpse into the Activity of Hunters in the Woods (HEB)

AEWE 2016 Training

Ready One Displays Flexible Terrain – Style Camouflage

Project Gecko – IWA 2015

SOFIC 18 – Rajuga Camouflage System by TYR Tactical

REVIEW // OSO Gear C­202 F.PC Machine Gunner Plate Carrier PART1

invisibility cloak